Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Precious memories...

Top to Bottom - It's her 1st Christmas and she made it so special for all of us.  Middle shot she takes a nap with her G-Daddy and the bottom picture she went and met her Great Granddaddy.  Those eyes don't miss a thing and we're so crazy about her. 

Did you miss me?

Okay, Okay, I know...you weren't really missing me but I bet you did miss this adorable little one!  Can you believe it, these were taken in October and she was already 3 months old.  She's growing way too fast and now that it's February already, she's crawling and pulling up.  We're all crazy about her and are loving watching her grow.  Oh yeah, and today her Mommy and Daddy got her a new house to grow up in.  I'm so proud of their family and love them like crazy.