Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sorry I've been out of blog touch...

Hey, well, I can't even begin to tell you what's been happening in my life since my last entry but here's a small list and you'll see why I haven't had time to think, much less update you and my blog. Here's just a partial list of what has happened in my life since my last entry, and oh, by the way, this all happened since Friday, March 13th...
  • My aunt, who I love dearly, had emergency gallbladder surgery and we found out that she has stage 4 cancer in most of her vital organs and they're not giving her long to live, since then, she's already been re-hospitalized twice and has now been sent to live at a Hospice House, keep her in your prayers:
  • My dear friend, Ms. Major, lost her brother in his sleep at the age of only 47 years old from a heart attack;
  • My mom wound up in the hospital with chest pains and found out she has/had pnuemonia and is still out of work;
  • A cousin of my father's was found dead in his home where he had apparently been for almost a month;
  • While I was at the viewing for Ms. Major's brother, my car was hit by a hit and run driver and did $2300.00 worth of damage and guess who had to pay the deductible of $250.00 plus another $200.00 worth of dealer work that's "not covered by my extended warranty" (see why GM is going out of business....);
  • A dear friends' mom, who is my neighbor, had her breast cancer return after she already went through a double mastectomy, and it's in her blood stream and they say there's not much they can do for her right now;
  • Last Friday at work, a nice co-worker came to see me about some video work and had a massive stroke while we were talking and we had to call the ambulance and get help for him, I went to see him yesterday and thank God, he is doing remarkebly well, and I truly count that as a blessing;
  • This week, my car flooded due to a bad "water deflector" and is costing me money at the shop;
  • And, Friday night, another dear friends' father wound up in the emergency room and they thought he was having a heart attack but then after some tests, think it's pneumonia in his lower lung;
  • And last, but not least, we're still trying to put out kitchen back together.

So, as you can see, life has been a little rough in the last month so I'll add some more pictures and fun stuff soon. Pray that life starts treating me a little kinder...