Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Pictures of Hank - the rescued pound dog!

He's just so cute I could hardly stand it and after we left the pound, we brought him back to my house where we have a huge back yard that Hank had a great time exploring and playing in the grass. You'll also see a picture of Bruno (who we saw online and visited with but just didn't quite have the winning personality of Hank). I hated to leave Bruno there but I'm sure he'll be the right dog for someone...just not my niece and NIL. Isn't he great?!

Goin' to the pound to rescue a "puppy" with my Niece and NIL

I've wanted a puppy for a long time but know myself better than to go and actually get one since I'm hardly ever home, and just about pass out when I hear about all of my friends who have pets talk about the vet bills sometimes. But, that doesn't stop me from loving pets and being thrilled to be asked to go with my niece and nephew-in-law (NIL) to get them a pound pup today. Now, if you're thinking that it would be hard to go there without rescueing one of them you're right! But, I was strong and just enjoyed helping them find "Hank" and bring him home today. They're newleyweds (May 10, 2008) and wanted a new member for their family. We looked at several dogs and they took them outside to see how they interacted with them and finally found their new pet Hank. He's the sweetest and most loving one of the ones they looked at and we love him already. We brought him back to our house and let him check out the yard and enjoy some new found freedom in the grass again (out of that kennel). I hope they will be very happy with him and thanks to A & J for letting me be a part of this special day in picking out their new "family member"! Welcome to your new home Hank!

Yard Sale Treasures - August 30, 2008

Well, happy Saturday and I was so happy that it was decent weather for yard sales again today since we're in between Hurricanes and Tropical Storms; thank goodness for that as I was going into withdrawals from yard sales (I know, I know, it's only been a few weeks since we got back from the Longest Yard Sale trip but when you love it as good as I do even 2 Saturdays without it can send me into withdrawals)! The pictures above are from this one awesome yard sale today where I got an awesome 50's picnic thermos jug for $5.00, a great extra large children's book (for my niece who is a first grade teacher - and I gave it to her before I took a picture today...) and a cute crochet doily that the nice homeowner through in for free. Check out their beautiful yard and awesome old cars that the man was so kind to tell me all about and send my hubby (the car fanatic) into "car envy". They were great and he told me all about how he goes to the Barrett Jackson auctions and bids against Jay Leno on some of them. Must be nice to live the high life but at least there's kind people like this family who shared it all with me today when I went to their yard sale.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Lunch with my Hardworking Hubby after the Storm!

So, we're both pretty tuckered out today from all the storm watching, sitting in the tub together during the tornado warning and doing water control during the storm so I decided to fix a nice, cute vintage inspired lunch for my hard working hubby who'd been out in the yard picking up debris and mowing. I also did this as I was so excited that I didn't lose any of my vintage goodies from any tornado or tropical rains...I am, truly, thankful for him!

Stuff I Bought - Group 13 / Yard Sale Trip 2008

Okay, I'm slowing running out of juice listing all the prices I got for my awesome yard sale treasures but you have to know that those fabulous gold shoes with the stones on the toes were a mere $0.50! The gold wallet with coin sections was $5.00 and the beaded satin clutch was only $1.00 (in one of our awesome $1.00 bins we found). Don't you love the poinsettia pins; they're fantastic and one is about 4 inches tall and the other one about 2 inches. Click on the images and you'll see some of the price tags up close.

Tropical Storm Fay wasn't pretty....

Well, I can't believe that I'm actually going to post this horrible photo of myself (but, I guess when that's how you look - you just gotta face the music...and I am trying to lose some LB's so hopefully this will get better); and besides, I was SOAKING wet as I had been out in our driveway with a hand trowel trying to dig some trenches to get the non-stop water to keep on flowing.... Sand bags helped us keep this massive amount of rain from flooding our home and we truly thank God for that as a lot of other people in our city weren't so lucky. So, enjoy these lovely shots of me coming in outta the rain and then two of my hubby doing clean up work today and it was SO HUMID that it kept fogging over my lense (sorry about that). We were very lucky, we just had massive amounts of water, small branches in the yard and we never lost power. Our phone line did get knocked out but we have cell phones and they'll get that fixed soon. Whew! It was all truly exhausting!

p.s. I want to thank my neighbors S & L for the milk for the well needed Khalua and creme drink that I needed last night and for the company!

We Survived Tropical Storm Fay & 15 inches of rain!

This is the front of our house the day before Tropical Storm Fay decided to pay our fair city a visit. It also flooded peoples homes, took out phone and power lines, washed out major roads and give us at least 15 inches of rain (as we dumped our 5 inch rain gage 3 times just yesterday alone...). Doesn't it look calm before the storm?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stuff I Bought - Group 12 / Yard Sale Trip 08

Aren't these just the cutest note cards? There were about 12 or 14 in the box and me and my SIL shared them. I love the little girl with the pink skirt..oh yeah, I'll use these or else frame them somehow. Oh, we paid $0.50 each.

Isn't this Lustro Ware teapot key holder cute? I love pom pom trim and can't hardly pass it up as I'll put it on something. The teapot wall hook was $3.00, pom pom trim $0.25, and the gorgeous tablecloth in the background was around $20.00.

This group of trim was around $1.00 and you see that there's ric rac in here...I really can't help myself...

Stuff I Bought / Yard Sale Trip 08 / Group 11

Got this awesome old vintage "Song Hits" magazine for $1.00! I love the art work in this and the cover.

Waiting for Fay....08/21/2008

Well, it looks like they're saying that Hurricane/Tropical Storm Fay (as I'm not sure what it's categorized as of now...)is headed our way here in the North Florida area. So, we've purchased our water, filled up the gas tanks with gas (after waiting about 30 minutes in line at Sam's today); got ice for the ice chest, went to the county dump where my hubby picked up sand bags to hopefully keep our carport from flooding from the prisoners who were having to fill the bags for all of the people who showed up (bet they wish they hadn't "done the crime so they wouldn't have to do the time"...). So, I wanted to show you a shot of how gorgeous the skies are when they are disturbed and ready for the storm.
Oh yeah, I do still have more yard sale treasures to post can you believe it? So, wish us luck, keep us in your prayers, and enjoy my 127 sale treasures!

Stuff I Bought - Yard Sale Trip - 2008 / Group 10

I got this cute hand made "Seminole Indian" type apron for $3.00; isn't it cute? I've seen jackets made like this but never an apron.

Got this adorable old 1961 Texaco calendar with the cutest little girl on front and wait 'til you see some of the "monthly" photos; they're just so Ozzie & Harriett that I can't stand it!

Aren't these just too awesome? I really was born in the wrong year; although, this was only 2 years before I was born in '63. Oops, I just gave up my age didn't I?.....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stuff I Bought / Group 9 - Yard Sale Trip 2008

Another cool booklet that I found was this "East to Make Colorful Costumes by Dennison Crepe Paper". You won't believe the detailed and beautiful costumes that this booklet shows you how to make out of crepe paper, which people used to do for school plays, church programs and Halloween Costumes. Check some of them out as they're amazing!