Monday, October 26, 2009

Yep, $3.00, that's all I spent and got Coach & Ferragamo

On Saturday, August 17th, I came across 2 architects that were having a sale and they had amazing prices. They didn't have prices on stuff so I didn't know how much they were asking for stuff, so I picked up the three pair of shoes below, yep, a gorgeous pair of red kitten toe Coach pumps and 2 pair of Salvatore Ferragamos for...drumroll....$1.00 a pair!

I also got this cute package of vintage wrapping paper lately, it was only $1.75. There was some real cute stuff in here. I got it from the estate sale company that I follow religiously, if they're open, I'm in line at 7:00 it. Know what I really love, $1.00 for Coach Pumps!

Wow, bet you've just been dying to see what I got...took me long enough!

Some people call me crazy, but not you, because you understand, you know that this is my "hobby" and that I love to get up before the crack of dawn to drive 2 hours to another state to an estate sale. Yep, all by myself, that's why the picture is so out of focus as I was driving in the middle of nowhere trying to shoot and click. You get the idea though, right? I'm on my way and I'm excited. The sale was in Albany, GA and that's a little over 2 hours from my house: Distance? No problem!
So, I made it and this is what I saw as my little GPS navigator took me right to the front door; I got a little worried knowing that it started on Friday that they may not have much "stuff" left, but really, you'll see...that wasn't an issue. This place was gorgeous and the house sat on this gorgeous piece of land with 100 year old oak trees. The house was over 4000 square feet and was originally built in the 1920's; then, a man and his wife, who never had any children and who also owned a large Chevrolet dealership in Albany, bought it and moved in.
Here's a little history that I learned about the house while I was waiting in line and then as I was checking out, I met Maxine, the last owner who was selling and downsizing. She was amazing and I could have talked to her all day. She was 82, could see and hear better than me, loved to play golf and went and saw Tiger Woods play several times in the last couple of years and helped me carry my plum lady glasses to the car - Thanks Ms. Maxine for sharing all your treasures with me and everyone else who showed up. They'll enjoy their new home in my 50s ranch!
They had a friend, the first woman attorney (in the 50s...)who lived alone, that they asked to be their personal attorney and representative. They asked her to come and live with them in their huge home and she did. She brought all of her things with her and lived there and was also their caretaker as they both got older and eventually passed away. When they died, the attorney got lonely and asked her friend Maxine to move in. When the couple died, they left all the property, including all of the contents, to the attorney which resulted in a house full of awesome stuff from some pillars of the community who loved to entertain and have fabulous parties throughout the 1950s and 60s. Wait 'til you see the "rompus room" and all the liquor decanters; I've truly never seen anything like it. The picture below is the front of the house and I stood there and waited about an hour for it to open and was thrilled that I was first! It was worth the early (4:30 a.m. wake up call....seriously folks!) The attorney asked her friend Maxine to move in as she was lonely in this huge house full of stuff. Maxine inherited the house and all three of the previous residents' stuff; lucky for us Maxine didn't have much sentimental attachment to it and let us buy it all.
Okay, so let's show you some of the stuff I got; got this tablecloth for $4.00..had a few spots but I soaked it and got them all out with Retro Clean. If you haven't heard of it, it's an amazing product that I love to tell anyone about that loves old linens as much as I do. Go to and see for yourself. (No, I don't get anything for telling people I'm just glad to share info when I get it)The awesome little amoeba fish shot glasses below were a set of
8 for $4.00; love them!
Okay, can you hardly stand it... I mean, check out these high ball glasses of the plump "round bottom gal". They are truly fantastic! I loved them so much that I bought 2 sets of them, one for me and one for my dear friend who has an awesome beach house that they will be quite at home at. They are hilarious and make me feel that even us plump gals no how to have a good time! They were only $4.00 for a set of six too, awesome prices so I just shopped away!
I found this beautiful unused kitchen towel for only $2.00...
I also found this gorgeous fruit tablecloth below with all the stains on it; I guess that's why it was still there on the 2nd day, Saturday when I was there, but never fear as I soaked it in RetroClean too and they all came out, it makes me happy just to look at it...I know, I know...I recognize the could be worse though.
Isn't it pretty?
This awesome gravel art picture below, with the musicians was
only $2.00; love it!
Check out this awesome sofa that I saw when I first got there, it was in the garage and had sold the day before, it was only $45.00 and was a vinyl arched one that I would have loved to have brought home even though
I had no where to put it. Hasn't stopped me before...
The picture below was in the "rompus room" where many an awesome parties must have occured; they collected liquor decanters and there were 100s of them. They couldn't hardly give them away, so, if you're a collector, I know you're hating that you missed this. This is the room where I found my shot glasses and my big bottom gals.
The fabulous, and I truly mean amazingly fabulous, green naugahyde sofa, with needlepoint teal and green cushions sold while I was there. It was a sofa, 2 end tables, lamp for $275.00. Absolutely worth every penny.
There was also a lemon yellow naugahyde club chair with ottomon
that the man got for like $75.00. He loaded it up before I could snap a picture for you to see.
The best part about this couch and sofa was the fact that if you spilled any liquor from all those decanters or high ball were safe; thank goodness for naugahyde. I miss it...
I loved the needlepoint/pettit point cushions. They were terrific.
And, as always, I try to find a sassy bag whenever I can and this sale didn't dissapoint; got the above fabric bag for $8.00. And, since I found so much stuff at the sale, and there's stuff I didn't have photos of here, I needed something to put my remaining few pennies in for the trip back to Florida.
I thoroughly enjoyed my day going to this sale and really enjoyed meeting Ms. Maxine; I hope that one day, if God willing, I live to be 82 and have to downsize my treasures, that someone will spend some time getting to know me and all the great stories behind my "treasures". Bye, bye awesome sale; you were definitely worth the trip. Thanks for sharing your history and treasures with me.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I need some serious "treasure" therapy....

Wow, all I can say, is that this week SUCKED! So, guess what I'm going to do to feel better; yep, you guessed it, I'm driving 2 hours bright and early in the morning to go to the following estate sale:
and I can't wait! It's a house chock full of stuff from as far back as the 30's and 40's and I hope there's some left since it started today and I had to work. I'm just so glad that when I DO have a rough week at work or anywhere else, that I can always look forward to treasure hunting to relieve a lot of stress! So, I'm headed out for some treasures and some good times tomorrow morning. I'm leaving here about 6:15 a.m. and should arrive there by 8:15 or so to get in line. Wish me luck and I'll share some pictures soon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's time to take her home...

Well, mommy and daddy have gotten a little bit of sleep, sweet baby Macy has started to eat a little, poop a little and sleep a little so it's time to take this miracle baby home and her daddy picked out her outfit (how sweet is that...)and got her dressed while her mommy got herself a shower and her great Aunt M. took more pictures. He's so good with her and I'm so proud of you J. and I know you will be such a good daddy to that precious baby girl. Look how hard he's concentrating on getting her just right...
Her sweet mommy is out of the shower now and they're quickly getting ready to go, so, you'll see they now have two sets of hands getting her all put together after they had to take her and do her final blood tests. Sorry 'bout that sweet baby girl...
Uh oh, seems like she might be a little hungry or a little unhappy about something. It's okay darlin', Daddy's going to pick you up and make it all okay.
See, daddy picked out "Adorable" and that sums it up just right, doesn't it?
If you read the previous blog about her coming into the world, you also read the fact that my mom, her great grandmother, was in this same hospital on the 5th floor and hadn't gotten to see her yet. So, I got the nurses okay, and wheeled her down to see her as they waited out front of the hospital for her daddy to bring the truck around and load them all up. This meant alot to her great granny to get to see her before she headed home. My mom wound up staying another 4 days after this before she got to go home on the 11th.
Her great granny was bragging about her already to the nurse that was with them....
Okay, daddy's here with the truck, so we have to load up mom, load up all the stuff, get the car seat all checked out for safety, and load up the most precious cargo of all, MKF!
What you don't see in the last shot below is that her daddy had just "gotten one more kiss" before he had to go get in the driver's seat and drive her home, which is an hour away, and he knew he couldn't make it without one more kiss for the road. I love that...did I tell you how proud of them I am..
Sleep tight sweet Macy Kathryn and know how much your entire family loves you and is so excited you're here! Enjoy your first road trip baby!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

She's Finally Here and She's a Miracle Baby!

These are the precious tiny feet of our new family member, a true gift from God and miracle baby - her name is Macy Kathryn and she was born August 5, 2009 at 7:38 p.m., she weighs 7.01 lbs and is 19 inches long and her doctor told us she truly is a miracle baby. She had a very trying time coming into this world but thanks to her mama taking such good care of her for nine months and a great doctor bringing her into the world for us, she's doing fantastic and so is her mama, who is one of my "baby girls",
also my precious niece.
And these are her precious tiny toes... I love baby feet and I especially love this baby's feet...aren't they adorable...keep reading and you'll see the rest of her. We love her so much already!
This is her mama at around 12:15 p.m. - She got to the hospital (for the second time but that's another story...)she was in a lot of pain, her contractions were about 4 minutes apart and she was four cinemeters. I felt so bad for her as she was in so much was hard to see her that way and her sweet hubby was keeping a great eye on her and
helping her all the way. This is Macy's daddy, watching the contractions and trying to help keep his sweet wife focused and breathing through the pain, yep, you guessed it, it wasn't long before she opted for the epidural (hoped I spelled that one right...)
They're watching it together and making sure her vital signs look good and that all is okay. Now, what you don't know is, that at this point, I had to leave the hospital (where I've been for days with my poor mom who is so very sick up on the fifth floor...)to go to work and do a live webcast and said a big prayer that sweet Macy could wait until her Aunt M. got back to join us.
Okay, A & J, see if you can keep an eye on those monitors until Macy's Aunt M. can get back from work to come into this world, I'll cry if I don't make it (oh, don't worry...I made it back but keep reading...) Well, I went to work, did a live webcast event, hauled equipment across the street to set it up and break it down, waited for a torential downpour to stop, drove back to the hospital, checked on my mom, and we still had a little while to wait. But, not long, her mama moved right along after the epidural and a little petosin (spelling?) and next thing you know, her nurse said we'd have a baby before 8:00 p.m. (and this was about 6:45 or so...); and they were right! She came into this world at 7:38 so it really wasn't long. She had a struggle with her cord around her neck but with lots of prayers and a great doctor, she made it just fine. Below, is Macy & her daddy, hanging out in the nursery together making sure she's okay before they take her bake to Labor Room #2 at Capitol Regional Medical Center...Look, she's already got her daddy wrapped around her finger. Isn't that just too adorable for words. He's so crazy about her and it's adorable to see as he was so nervous at first when he found out, by a little bit of a surprise that he was going to be a daddy. He's going to be awesome...he already is....
He was ticklin' her little tummy while the two of them listened to all of the other babies in the nursery was so cute. We all stood behind the glass and watched the two of them become a pair...
Here she is, close up, in the nursery. Isn't she beautiful? You'd never know what a tough time she had. Her skin is beautiful, her toes are adorable, I love her little arms and legs. Can you tell how much we love her already?
Hey bright eyes? Who you lookin' at? Is that your daddy standing over there or do you see your sweet mommy laying over there trying to feel
her legs again?
This is where her granddaddy was holding her with her sweet little hat on...
I promise to post more later but I'm so tired right now that her "Great" Aunt M. can hardly keep her eyes open but my other sweet niece was wanting to see pictures so I caved and came home and posted on my blog. I love this precious baby girl and feel so blessed to have another great
niece to love and spoil!
This precious picture below of her in pink today, August 6th, was taken when I went back to the hospital to see how she was doing, check on her mom and spend the morning with her great grandmother, my mom, who is still sick and in the hospital, too.
Welcome, sweet baby Macy Kathryn! I can't wait to be a part of your life and hope your mama and daddy let me spoil you to the best of my ability. Welcome precious baby girl!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

They practically gave this stuff to me!

Okay, this may be a little hard to believe but last Saturday, July 11th, was one of those days that make me understand my addiction to garage and estate sales; (not that I really needed an "understanding" but on days like that I know absolutely why I hardly ever sleep in on Saturday morning and why I don't go to the mall unless I'm buying a gift for someone...and I should be completely honest and tell you that sometimes I find brand new items that you may be the beneficiary of if you are a friend or relative of mine...but you'll never know it unless I goof up and put it on my could happen!).
I went to a number of garage sales and ran into a couple of good friends who led me to some sales I didn't even know about including an estate sale that wound up being pretty good actually (especially when I went back and everything was half off...more about that when I show you what I bought in another entry.
Okay, I had to show you this one item first as I thought it was just about the cutest little 1950s travel coffee set that I've ever seen (actually, I've never ever seen another one just like it) and I got it at my T & T estate sale that I went to late in the day. How cute is it?! And, I got there at like 11:30 so they were going half off, got it for....drumroll...can you vintage people stand this....$1.00! I know, I know, now you see why I had to have it! It's in mint condition except for the fact that the lining on the cute little plad bag is wanting to dry rot, but that doesn't bother me; I can't wait to take it on the road!
At the same sale, I got this awesome vintage Thanksgiving tablecloth for only $2.50. It's in great shape and I those other two items were bought at the awesome Wildwood sale and they were about $0.05 each, yep, you read that right, when I got to that huge sale it was stuff a bag for $0.50 each for all clothing, accessories and shoes or holiday items, including some of the toys. Yeah, it was a big brown grocery bag and they were letting us stuff them to the max! It was incredible and I can't wait to go back next year.
The pyrex bowls were at Wildwood and were 2 for $1.00, the beautiful 24K gold trim pitcher was only $0.50 (it's gorgeous and is really big and will be awesome for lemonade or ice water or even some sangrias...); the old wood blocks in the foreground were marked $0.50 but they were half off and were actually only about $0.10 since they were in one of my big brow bags; and the two cute linen handtowels were $0.50 each at another sale in my neighborhood.
Okay, look at all these awesome hand embroidered linens that I got at Wildwood and when I picked them up to look the nice lady kept saying, "You want those? How much you want to pay?"l asked the price and she said "Now (at 10:30 ish) they are a dime, is that too much?" I guess you can tell how happy I was as I bought almost all of them...they are soaking in Retroclean now...most of them didn't need it so I soaked a few). The Better Homes & Garden decorating book from the 50s was $0.10! I shopped so long the prices were falling faster than any Walmart ever wished for! Okay, this needlepoint may not be for most of you but I loved it and it looks awesome in my chartreuse green foyer and check out that price, you got it, only $1.00! The cute juice decanter in the foreground was only $1.00 and I was glad to find it as a few local dealers were leaving as I got there so I was surprised to find it. THe nice black leather purse on the left was $5.00 but it's easily a $90.00 purse. I got it where I got the linen handtowels.
The candles were $0.10 each and so were all three books, can you stand it?! I think I spent a total of maybe $15.00 at the Wildwood Church and had about 4 grocery sized bags full of stuff.
The picture on the back right, with the flowers in the black vase was only $1.00 too and check out the red lunchbox that is from the 50s on the left side of the picture. It was in a bag with 2 old thermoses but I didn't really want them and the bag was all torn up, so the lady let me have it for a whole $0.15! I'm telling you, see what I mean about how much fun I had and how they practically gave it to me. The cute Easter dish below was in the bag of holiday stuff I got for $0.50, I mean the WHOLE BAG was only $0.50!
The stuff below was also in the holiday bag of stuff. I love the plastic chip Santa face as it reminds me of my holiday decorations from growing up. I'll add this to my Snowman, reindeer and other Santa this year.
I love the annual Wildwood sale and I'll show you my other estate sale treasures, including my $2.00 Stainless Steel Microwave....stay tuned for that story!