Sunday, July 19, 2009

They practically gave this stuff to me!

Okay, this may be a little hard to believe but last Saturday, July 11th, was one of those days that make me understand my addiction to garage and estate sales; (not that I really needed an "understanding" but on days like that I know absolutely why I hardly ever sleep in on Saturday morning and why I don't go to the mall unless I'm buying a gift for someone...and I should be completely honest and tell you that sometimes I find brand new items that you may be the beneficiary of if you are a friend or relative of mine...but you'll never know it unless I goof up and put it on my could happen!).
I went to a number of garage sales and ran into a couple of good friends who led me to some sales I didn't even know about including an estate sale that wound up being pretty good actually (especially when I went back and everything was half off...more about that when I show you what I bought in another entry.
Okay, I had to show you this one item first as I thought it was just about the cutest little 1950s travel coffee set that I've ever seen (actually, I've never ever seen another one just like it) and I got it at my T & T estate sale that I went to late in the day. How cute is it?! And, I got there at like 11:30 so they were going half off, got it for....drumroll...can you vintage people stand this....$1.00! I know, I know, now you see why I had to have it! It's in mint condition except for the fact that the lining on the cute little plad bag is wanting to dry rot, but that doesn't bother me; I can't wait to take it on the road!
At the same sale, I got this awesome vintage Thanksgiving tablecloth for only $2.50. It's in great shape and I those other two items were bought at the awesome Wildwood sale and they were about $0.05 each, yep, you read that right, when I got to that huge sale it was stuff a bag for $0.50 each for all clothing, accessories and shoes or holiday items, including some of the toys. Yeah, it was a big brown grocery bag and they were letting us stuff them to the max! It was incredible and I can't wait to go back next year.
The pyrex bowls were at Wildwood and were 2 for $1.00, the beautiful 24K gold trim pitcher was only $0.50 (it's gorgeous and is really big and will be awesome for lemonade or ice water or even some sangrias...); the old wood blocks in the foreground were marked $0.50 but they were half off and were actually only about $0.10 since they were in one of my big brow bags; and the two cute linen handtowels were $0.50 each at another sale in my neighborhood.
Okay, look at all these awesome hand embroidered linens that I got at Wildwood and when I picked them up to look the nice lady kept saying, "You want those? How much you want to pay?"l asked the price and she said "Now (at 10:30 ish) they are a dime, is that too much?" I guess you can tell how happy I was as I bought almost all of them...they are soaking in Retroclean now...most of them didn't need it so I soaked a few). The Better Homes & Garden decorating book from the 50s was $0.10! I shopped so long the prices were falling faster than any Walmart ever wished for! Okay, this needlepoint may not be for most of you but I loved it and it looks awesome in my chartreuse green foyer and check out that price, you got it, only $1.00! The cute juice decanter in the foreground was only $1.00 and I was glad to find it as a few local dealers were leaving as I got there so I was surprised to find it. THe nice black leather purse on the left was $5.00 but it's easily a $90.00 purse. I got it where I got the linen handtowels.
The candles were $0.10 each and so were all three books, can you stand it?! I think I spent a total of maybe $15.00 at the Wildwood Church and had about 4 grocery sized bags full of stuff.
The picture on the back right, with the flowers in the black vase was only $1.00 too and check out the red lunchbox that is from the 50s on the left side of the picture. It was in a bag with 2 old thermoses but I didn't really want them and the bag was all torn up, so the lady let me have it for a whole $0.15! I'm telling you, see what I mean about how much fun I had and how they practically gave it to me. The cute Easter dish below was in the bag of holiday stuff I got for $0.50, I mean the WHOLE BAG was only $0.50!
The stuff below was also in the holiday bag of stuff. I love the plastic chip Santa face as it reminds me of my holiday decorations from growing up. I'll add this to my Snowman, reindeer and other Santa this year.
I love the annual Wildwood sale and I'll show you my other estate sale treasures, including my $2.00 Stainless Steel Microwave....stay tuned for that story!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Who ever said a girl doesn't really want roses...

Whoever tried to convince people that we women didn't want roses was nothing but a fibber, an absolute fibber! I want to tell you that my sweet hubby brings me roses "for no reason except that he loves me" and I tell you that it makes me smile for days...I'm so blessed. Enjoy some shots of the gorgeousness and he got most of these from Fresh Market so get your man to go get you some meat and pretty flowers. Some of these you can enlarge and then really see the details.

No matter where I go, I can find something that makes me happy for less than $10.00...

This is a close up of the quilt that I found at a church yard sale a couple of weeks ago (I think it was June 27....)where they said "make us an offer"; so I did. This is an awesome quilt from the 50s (or I think it is based on the fabrics they used - almost entirely cotton with a solid red back and it pretty darn good shape). I said "How about $5.00 and the young girl says "That sounds more than fair to me"; so I said thank you and headed on my way. Look at all the awesome fabrics they used. I love it.
Cute retro cowboy fabric; this would have been cute when I had our bedroom in vintage western but we've moved on from that. No worry, I still love it and it will have a great home at my house.

Look closely at all the colors and patterns....
I got this awesome vintage ash tray/dish and vintage necklaces for $1.50 at another sale (no, not each, that's what I paid for all of it). Love the dish and I'm addicted to the necklaces and yes, I wear them as long as they fit around my plus sized neck...LOL! You know, I truly think the women of the 50s smoked more than they ate based on their clothing... poor things.
And this, oh my gosh, I stutter as I type, this wonderful wall shape made me so happy I almost cried. I had one in my living room before that the hubby redid for me in a turquoise pickling but the mirror was missing so it was open and it DID NOT have these totally cool George Jetson circles on the sides. This is so freakin' cool and I got it for, drumroll....(oh yeah, it's from a lady who used to have a storefront but closed it that I loved) for a whopping $10.00! I couldn't believe it was still there as I got to this sale at like 10:00 a.m. and that's late in my treasure hunting hours. I also got a cool wire shelf for $2.00 that holds albums but I'm going to use it on my carport by my glider to hold a cooler and some cups and a barkcloth panel drape for only $3.00. I'm tellin' ya, I love finding these things more than I think I would love winning a lottery..well, maybe not; depending on how big they payout was!
Oh yeah, it's cleaned up and on the wall along with two vintage prints that were framed in maple for $2.00 each, I'll post a picture of it on the wall soon.
I got a pair of these reverse painted on glass prints for $2.00 each and I love them and they are on the wall in our family room hanging by the windows with the bark cloth valances that I made from one single panel. I love to repurpose stuff and have always loved it way before it meant I was "going green". But, I'm good with the fact that I'm helping future generations by buying vintage stuff!

Yard Sale Treasures, oh yeah, I've still been going, just not posting! May 21, 2009

Yes, in the midst of everything else going on, I have been sneaking out to yard sales and finding a little happiness as you know I HAVE to go, if I'm breathing I do anyway...These finds were from May 21 and I love the cute little coasters with ric rac trim for the set of four - only $0.50, the wire veggie basket $1.00, and the cute set of silverware with the stripes and polka dot handles were only $3.00. These were all at one sale and everything they had was nice and clean and priced very good.
I also got the turquoise and brown knock off Vera Bradley purse for my SIL for $1.50 and the matching turquoise Liz Claiborne shoes for $3.00. I had that awesome tablecloth in the background and actually paid quite a nice chunk for it last year on the world's longest yard sale. Oh, the big stripe tote bag was only $1.00 and I needed it to carry all of the other treasures! Wheeeee, it was a good day!

My "Baby" is having her baby and we had a baby shower - June 20, 2009

This is my sweet niece, "A."; you may remember her as she just got married last May, and now, yes, she's having us a baby! I'm so excited we can hardly stand it and yes, I'm thrilled it's a baby girl, and her name is Macy Kathryn (doesn't that sound like a great name for a good southern baby girl?!). It's just hard for me to believe that she's old enough to be having a baby, but she is and we're thrilled. Macy will be my third "great" niece/nephew as I already have precious Katie & Michael (Mikey). They live in Kentucky and I hardly get to see them and it just kills me! Little Macy will live a little closer and I can't wait to spoil her rotten! (Sorry 'bout that mama and's my job; I have to be her "favorite" aunt too!)Little "Mama" holding some of her "treasures" from Ms. Major! Thanks Ms. Major for helping me get it all together for her and for helping me keep my cool just before the guests all arrived. Ms. Major went out of her way to spoil Macy and we all loved see all the cute things she had in that "major" bag!
I found these awesome little wood blocks at a garage sale for only $1.00 so that we could use some vintage flavor to my tablescape. Yep, that's a gorgeous 50s tablecloth that we used too and A. loves my old treasures too and I sure hope I can convince baby Macy to join in the fun! (sorry, the shadow you see in the bottom of the picture is the lens of my camera....I should know better...)
My dear sweet hubby, who has been WAY too generous with the roses lately (Have I mentioned that I truly love that man) was more than happy to go and pick up some gorgeous girl pick roses from Fresh Market for us to have and send a few home with the Mama for her to enjoy. They smell awesome and they last about a week.
This is my Aunt B. (my mom's sister - see how much she favors my Aunt Weasy who we lost...we miss you Aunt Weasy and she was so excited about this baby...). She came and brought tons of gifts from my cousins who couldn't make it as they were all sick (hope you guys feel better - we missed having you). She loves baby girls too and can't wait for baby Macy. I love her and really love the vintage 50s dishes that she gave me recently (- thanks Aunt B.)
My Aunt R. and my cousin G. and her daughter A. came by before the shower but they couldn't stay and I wanted to thank them and tell them how sorry I am that I was in total chaos when they came...especially the pan of dirty mop water still in the foyer....can any of you relate?!
This is my sweet niece and her sweet mama, the new Grandma and my SIL, who you all know by now that i love dearly, she's really a sister to me and I can't imagine my life without her. Without her, I wouldn't have this sweet niece or my nephews and my brother would have been lost. I love you both!

She got TONS of great things and so much oohing and aahhing went on....
This is my niece, my SIL and my mom...all enjoying the shower and a good time together at my home (or at least I hope they were having a good time...)
We did play a few of those "shower" games, even though I usually protest to those but thought it would be a little fun as long as we didn't go overboard and since it was such a small group we had a good time. This little pregnancy test was one of those "feel it" and guess what it is games and of course no one guessed it; especially our little Mama. But then again, this little precious arrival was a surprise so we should have known this would catch her off guard. Save it as I'm sure hoping that you have us another one down the road! I love you sweetie and hope you had a good time. I can't wait to be there when she decides to join us in August!
And, of course, this is Ms. Major; looking sassy in her favorite color and she was so good to help me out and spoil our baby girl!
This was a sweet little quilt that I found for Macy at a consignment shop that I thought was adorable as it has all of the good old nursery rhymes on there in cross stitch, yep, only $15.00 and well worth it!
Look close at this picture and you'll see my sweet neighbor, that we share homemade peach ice cream with, and you'll see my new rug that I got to go in the new kitchen (thanks to Christmas money that my MIL gave me). You can also probably see my new vintage kitchen light fixture that I got off ebay. I PROMISE, I'm about to post all the big kitchen reveal photos FINALLY..... CLICK ON THIS PICTURE TO ENLARGE IT AND SEE SOME OF THE NEW KITCHEN...


Springtime flowers Before our Baby Shower

I know, I know, I've been so out of touch but let's catch up and you can take a look at some of the things I've been up to. See the pretty flowers, I love them and I planted them as I tried to finally get the house a little back in order in order to get ready to host a baby shower for my sweet niece and get ready to welcome her little girl into the world. Enjoy the view.

I love these little enameled pots I found at Marshall's that kind of look vintage with the pastel stripes on them. This little bench is in my flower bed in front of our house and is just to the left of the front door and welcomes our guests!