Thursday, July 31, 2008

Only 5 more days...

Well, I'm on the countdown and can hardly stand it! It's five days until we leave for the "Big Sale" trip and I'm beginning to get very excited about what we'll find! I'm going with my sweet sister-in-law again and I know we'll have so much fun! Thank goodness she owns a truck! These pictures are from the Jamestown, TN area and that's my sister-in-law on the swing. We stopped at this park to picnic and get out of the heat for awhile. When we got back in the truck the thermometer read 118 degrees! Whew!
The flowers are in front of the awesome B & B and cabins where we stay, I'd tell you the name of it but then we'd have more competition to reserve our cabin each year...
The shots of the old truck and the little cars you may have seen on HGTV as they used some of these shots on their special from 2006 as this is when I took these shots.

It's been a busy week at work (I work for a state health care agency and shoot video - which I love) and I'm ready for a little time out of the office in God's country along the Tennessee countryside!

I can't wait to share my goodies when I get back; oh, but there's still one more day of garage sales here this Saturday before I leave and you should know, that even though I"m headed for 480 miles of sales it won't stop me from going this Saturday...LOL!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kitchen fun is everywhere

I wanted to share a few more of my vintage treasures that surround me in my 1959 kictchen. Some knucklehead stained my cabinets dark in or around the 60s or 70s, so I really want to tackle them and try and remove that stain or get them totally redone but somehow I still haven't gotten to it yet. Can you relate?

Vintage Tablecloths make my world a happier place...

Well, I will go ahead and confess, I'm addicted to vintage tablecloths and almost squeeled with delight in my local favorite consignment shop when I found this pair of "tablecloth" curtains that I had to rework a little for my window. Aren't they just too cute! They did have to be reworked just a bit to make them work for my window but that's okay, they were well worth it.
You can see where they didn't quite meet in the center and I didn't have any more pieces to work with, so I tried to figure out how to fill it and still not close off my window any more. So, look what I came up with (and sewed together by hand on Tuesday night at about 12:30 a.m....I'm bad about this...)! I used some of my cute crocheted potholders and I think they just make it!
Okay, go ahead ladies, copy my idea, I don't mind as I love it and hope you will too!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Beauty in the yard...

Oh, I should tell you all something else; I'm a member of our local Garden Club but I should tell you know that I could be kicked out at any time as I really don't like to do yard work and maintenance type yard work in a state where you wake up and it's already 78 degrees! But, once every once in awhile a floral beauty (that has survived our lack of gardening know how) pops up from the soil and we just try and enjoy! We didn't plant this plant and it came up underneath a huge elephant ear plant that was here when we bought the house (6 years ago) so I'm so impressed and amazed at what God can do! Enjoy! My kind, and all-knowing neighbor whose yard is amazing) said it's a Ginger Lily; is that right? Enjoy!

Want to see what I got for $1.00!

Wow, can't believe it but I got this awesome lamp for $1.00 a couple of Saturdays ago and it's too awesome for words! I (oh, that's really my hubby & I) just got it hung in the corner of my living room Saturday afternoon after I got back from treasure hunting and before we went to dinner with the hubby's family for his brother's birthday dinner.

The hook from Walmart cost more than the lamp! You may see from future postings that I have a slight addiction to cool lamps...well, you can never really have enough ambiance! Oh, this past Saturday's (7/26/08) awesome hauls were: an awesome armoire for my sister-in-laws' mom (she has a cool lake house that needed some storage) for $70.00; the awesome retro mayo, mustard, ketchup dispensers (repro but I still love 'em) for $0.50 (for all three); the awesome pitcher & cup set from the 60's for $15.00 (it's a little pricey from the estate sale but it's so me that I had to splurge...), and a few other things I needed (like a power cord for my 50's Mixmaster) and the awesome little suitcase for, yep, drumroll, $2.00! I plan on taking it on the World's Longest Yard Sale trip in a few weeks! Another successful day of great deals while drivin' around on my wheels...Have a great week everyone - oh yeah, only4 more work days until next Saturday when I can do it again!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Corners of my Home!

I thought I'd also post a few pictures of some of the treasures around my home; the awesome Starburst clock I got for $5.00 at a yard sale and it had another pair of matching sconces (not the ones shown as i got them off ebay and paid about $65.00 for them and the original starburst clock I had but this one was way better so I gave it to a friend in Hotlanta - you know who you are...) and the cool pendant pole lamp I got for "$18.00 firm" from a man here where I live who also had some awesome 50's Christmas decorations, and the cute little Roseville vase I got about a month ago and paid only $0.75 for and I found it listed for $135.00 in the books....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE treasure hunting!

It's Hump Day!

Hey Guys!
Well, it's Wednesday night and not much new to tell about today. I had a kind of rough day yesterday as I had to have one of those lovely "I'm now 45 and grown up procedures" but am back to norm today and so I had the "need" to find a treasure so I headed to Goodwill (although I don't like to go there so much anymore as their prices are sky high now...) to pick up a few more of my adorable dishes that I paid way too much for last week and boy, did I get lucky as it was 69% off dishes today (thank God because I got jipped last week but I love 'em and had to have 'em) so instead of paying $2.99 each for the cute little bowls I got them for $0.93 each! They're so cute and their Homer Laughlin Rhythm pattern in chartreuse and red; what else did I need! I paid over $50.00 for 5 dinner plates, 5 salad bowls, 5 bread plates & 5 coffee cups last week so I'm glad these were still there today! Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Getting Excited!

It's late Monday night and I'm still awake so I figured I'd add some pictures from my World's Longest Yard Sale Trips in '06 & '07 as we're about to head out again! This year's sale is August 6 - 9 and we're pretty much just covering our same areas in Tennessee.

If you've never heard of it, it's amazing and it will cost us more in gas than what we'll spend on our treasures probably! I'm going with my sweet sister-in-law who I love dearly and we'll have a blast and shop for at least 12 hours a day for the 3 days we shop! We drive up on Wednesday from Florida to Crossville, TN and will spend 2 nights there and then the last 2 nights in Jamestown, TN which is the home of the Yard Sale. It runs from Gadsden, AL to Covington, KY and you can check it out at! Can you tell I can hardly wait! The people we meet and the stories you hear make it worth the trip! I'll keep you posted as we get closer....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Mornings

Good's Sunday morning, one of my favorite days as I'm kind of lazy this one day of the week. I'm sitting on my sofa, watching A & E and Maroon 5 perform, drinking my French Vanilla coffee and checking email and surfing the net a bit. I'm also eagery awaiting for my Sunday morning call from my best friend who lives in Atlanta. We check in with each other every Sunday morning after she talks to her parents for their weekly "call in". She's been my dear friend since we went to Florida State (Go 'Noles!) back in the day....I hate to say how long ago because it scares even me!

My poor, hard working hubby, has already left to put in another full day's work and I hate that. I wanted to sleep in with him, and then go and get brunch together at one of our favorite local restaurants but I guess, not today. I'm just trying to be more thankful for everything so I guess I should be thankful that we both still have jobs in this tough time and that we're both in good health.

I've put in a Sunday morning movie, Brokeback Mountain, which I haven't seen yet so I'm settled in for awhile. I got it for a bargain as well at one of my local treasure hunting haunts, a consignment shop, for a whopping $1.67! Gotta love it! Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Welcome to my Blog

Well, hello there to whoever may be reading my new blog! I've been reading alot of other blogs lately (which kind of surprises me since I'm not someone who just loves to be online all the time - well other than when I'm working...), mainly those who share my love of mid century modern decor and vintage treasures and thought what the heck; I may as well find myself a little blogspot in the world and share my love of vintage treasures and thoughts as well; so here goes!

I love, love, love to go to garage sales, estate liquidations and auctions and part of what brings me the most pleasure is to share those stories of things I find, people I meet and places I go with my friends and family and now you, too!
I will tell you though, that when I get home in the evenings from my day job, I'm not as committed to being online as a lot of people I know so my postings will not be near as frequent as I would like but I least I admit that up front.
I'll try and post pictures as often as I can of my weekly finds as I usually go to garage sales every Saturday unless I have a family emergency and my family and friends know me so well that no one usually tries to plan anything with me on Saturday mornings!
So, since this is my first post on my blog and since of course, I did go to garage sales today (even though it wasn't such a good "garage sale day" here (where it was 94 degrees in the shade...)I'll show you what I got and also, I went to an onsite family estate auction and found a few things I liked.
I'll try and remember to tell you what prices I pay for my finds as I think that's half of the fun about reading what "great deals" people find for such awesome stuff.

The pair of 1950's paint by number scenes (which are pretty big - I'd say about 20 x 24 inches were only $5.00 each, the art deco serving tray I got for $10.00, the adorable crocheted pot holders were $0.25 each (I collect these and will show you more later...), the adorable old children's book was free from out St. Vincent's thrift store so I made a small donation for it, and the two 50's dish towels were $2.00 each from the auction I went to today (Saturday).
I'll also be posting pictures from around my home where I love to decorate and constantly swap things around! I also love to sew, hang out with friends and family, take photos, and just generally have a great time as life is very short!

I'm married to my best friend, who is truly a gift from God in my life, and has the patience of a saint especially when it comes to my "addiction" of treasure hunting.
So enjoy my blog and if you email me and I don't answer right away, remember, I only "log on" when the mood strikes me or when I'm not out shopping for goodies and I'm also new to this and not quite sure how it all works but will figure it out as I go!
Enjoy my goodies and please feel free to share your thoughts!