Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Showered by gifts and good friends...Jennifer's getting hitched!

This is the court house in the center of the small town where I lived (which is about an hour from where I currently reside in North Florida) and I have always loved it. I love how the whole "downtown" is built around it and the old palm trees around it. I went here on Saturday for a bridal shower for a very dear friend from high school's daughter. I hadn't seen my friend or her daughter for a very long time so it was good to see them and enjoy spending time with friends from my past that I don't get to see that often but that I miss and feel like when I see them, that no time has passed at all; that's how you know they are good friends to have...
This is my friend (on the far left) and her two daughters are the one in the brown zebra print and the bride to be in the center. That's her sister to the right of the bride and her mom on the right who I love dearly!
Centerpieces on the tables.... The bride's grandmother, aunts and friends primarily from her dad's side of the family; and oh yeah, I grew up with her dad too and of course consumed a few adult beverages with at some points in time and enjoyed "steak night" with at their house years ago...we should do it again soon.
She got lots of beautiful things and I wish her well when she gets married on December 6th!

Estate Sale Treasures on Friday 11/21/2008

Look at all the brand new, awesome Christmas decorations that I got at an estate sale that was held by that company that I like to follow this past Friday, November 21, '08. I thought I had a Christmas addiction but this lady was by far, way, way, way out of control! It was a 6000 square filled house and she literally must have decorated every square inch! And, if you look close, you'll see that almost everything I bought still had the tags on it! I think that every year she threw out last years' decorations and just started over! Must be nice, but fa la la la la for me! I got all this stuff for a little over $50.00 and even some more stuff that I couldn't squeeze into this chair to take the shot!

I'm going to use some of this to make a swag arrangment to donate to the local Senior Citizen center as I volunteered on behalf of my Garden Circle . The Sr. Ctr. holds a charity auction and I'll have fun making it and was going to do it tonight; but, considering the fact that I spent two hours in Walmart buying all of my Thanksgiving food...I'm sure that I wasn't the only woman in there wishing I was somewhere else...
Ho, Ho, Ho, can't wait to use this cute Metal Santa Claus in an arrangement and I got him for $1.00 and the cute set of Santas made from chandelier bulbs I got a set of 6 for $3.00 and may use them on the wreath I'm making.
Stay tuned and I'll post pictures of the wreath/swag I make for the Senior Center.... I'm also gearing up to start my Christmas decorating over the weekend and we'll go to all of our family gatherings and stuff too so I wish all of you a time of truly realizing how blessed we all are and of peace and lots of laughter over the holidays. I'm looking forward to more time with friends and family in the next few days and will post pictures soon!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2008

K.'s Big 5 0 & Farckle Fun Part 2 - The Fun Continues

Well, I told you I had more pictures to post so I figured I might as well just go ahead and get them on here so you could enjoy and then I can move forward when I make my next post and share some of my treasures with you. Enjoy!
Ruby was out and about on party night; check her out?
This cake was so good but sooooo not on my low carb diabetic diet! I really better start behaving....
The youngsters started running out of juice....and they just THINK that they're cooler than us...LOL!

Look, of course Dr. Doolittle (a/k/a "C.") has new puppies. Aren't they cute?

K.'s Big 5 0 and a little Farckle Fun!

Happy 50th B.D. to K. and a night full of Farckle fun and frolic! You'll see what I mean; just keep scrolling down and enjoy! Wow, I have really been sick for awhile so I got a little behind when it comes to catching you guys up with all that's gone on. So, I'll try and catch you up now as we've been trying to have a little fun while we were all sucking on cough drops and taking antibiotics! C.'s good friend Kay celebrated her 50th BD with us on the 15th at C's house and as you can see; we had a pretty good time considering we were all on cold medicine and cough drops with a little Margarita chaser on the side! Look at the pictures and they kind of tell the whole story - including the kids who thought we "old" folks were even a little fun, playing Farckle, and eating the delicious dinner that T. and D. cooked for all of us.
D.R., hubby of my dear friend from grade school T.; she's the one with the long brown hair, NOT the one I go on the donkey adventures with...read the 65 mile blog for more on that!
These shish ka bobs were just part of the yummy menu; T. also made an awesome cucumber, onion and tomato salad, fresh green beans and we had ribs as well. It was so awesome that I was too busy eating to get a picture of the rest of it!

It was about this time in the night when we heard about the robber who hid in K.'s closet while she stripped down to her house coat...you should have been here to hear this story as we all about wet our pants!

If things weren't out of hand enough when we were playing Farckle; the girls then decided to do some dancing with Kid Rock; you gotta love that we girls still know how to have fun!

I have a few more pictures to post but I'm out of juice tonight and have to get my recipes together for Thanksgiving and make out my grocery list and it's 11:45 p.m. on Monday night so I'd better get to it; but, don't worry I'll post some more pictures but I may not add any descriptions but the pictures tell the whole story....
And, I still have to tell you about the awesome treasures I got this past Friday at an estate sale and then this week at yard sales so stay tuned!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Pictures from the High Cotton Yard Sale Trip

As you can see from the colors on this tree along the route, it was a beautiful time of year for this yard sale trip and a gorgeous drive the whole way.
I love the south for this reason alone; old time churches and beautiful steeples. Oh, and nice people who let you use their indoor restrooms too! These ladies were very comforting as I'd almost just caused an accident with a truck hauling peanuts and was shaking all over when I got here and they were very nice. I'm so, so sorry to that man hauling the peanuts - I was pulling out from a sale and there were cars parked along the hwy so I couldn't see him and he didn't see me, hince the "near accident" but he was able to maintain his truck and trailer and I was okay too, just shook up bit. Be careful if you park along the highway as visibility is a little tough at times.
Great stuff for kids to do on the trip as well and there was also a hilarious clown walking around here but I missed getting his picture...

Okay, so here's the Police truck that I was glad to see was merely parked and enjoying the local commerce: NOT trying to hunt down Thelma & Louise and they're trailer with no left blinker...LOL!
This was an awesome vintage truck that was for sale and it's a good thing my hubby didn't go with us or it might be sitting in my driveway now...it was a good buy though and I could haul a lot of yard sale treasures in it....hmmmmmm...
This ceiling is an awesome detail in an old store in downtown Edison, GA that is now an antique store and auction house. They discovered this after there was a leak when one of the storms went through and they pulled out the ugly drop ceiling tiles. It's really beautiful and is from the early 1900's. I love stuff like this and really enjoyed talking with the store owner about the story. I also bought a really cool old basket from him for $3.00 that's kind of like an old locker basket and will be awesome to have in the trunk of my car for more goodies!
I love small old towns in the south as they almost always have a Rexall drug store and a lot of times they still have old soda fountains where you can get a vanilla coke! But, I was too distracted by shopping and didn't go into the drug store as it was only about 9:00 a.m. when I took this picture so I was still enjoying my coffee. Should have went back later for that vanilla coke....
I put this picture on one of the other listings but I promised these ladies I'd post their picture so why not give them 2 shots to fame! And, they were the ones that I made my first purchases from. I should have went back later as they'd unpacked more to see what I missed out on but I had to make more miles!