Monday, October 18, 2010

Yes, we really did finish the bathroom…

Okay, I know you last heard the update in June and it’s now…drumroll…October; but, we really did finish it in August.  August 16th to be exact.  And let’s just say the guy who started it for us, wasn’t the guy who finished it. Let’s take a look at the work along the way:

DSC_2443 This is just the beginning of the awesome repair job that Jeff did for us to begin to put our house back together.  He is awesome; that’s all I have to say.  Without him, we’d probably STILL have one toilet that wouldn’t flush and a leaky tub faucet; even AFTER we paid our plumber a HUGE amount of cash and he pulled his helper off the job because “they needed to get moving”.  Don’t even get me started. 

Okay, let’s take a look at the repair as we go:

Below, you’ll see the big hole in the wall where the hot water was run to the front bathroom and then had to be routed to the master bedroom shower as well. 

DSC_2435    Then, below you’ll see what an awesome job that Jeff came in and did repairing it as well.  He’s meticulous, neat and LOVES our vintage tile as much as we did and did his absolute best to help us keep everything looking original…thanks Jeff. 


Okay, now, I’ll just post more pictures of the work in progress for you to see.  This was a very long, difficult and very expensive project but it’s behind us now and I’ve finally calmed down enough to blog about it without a lot of cussing…It started early June and finished the 2nd week of August. 

That hardworking painter there is also the guy I “shack up” with and he also had to help pay for all this work.  He’d already worked 10 hours that day and then came home and painted here; no complaints from him, just meticulous work.  I love him so much…

DSC_2470  DSC_2472


If you look close, you can tell that our original tile and our replacement Daltile don’t match exactly but after hours on the internet, driving all over town, visiting all the big box stores, this is pretty darn close.  You don’t even notice once I put the shower curtain back in and we put the toilet and tissue paper back in.  We found this tile from Daltile and bought it from a local distributor. 

DSC_2401 Bathroom floor tile before above…cheap stuff from the big box store..and below, is our awesome vintage inspired tiles that I found from SJMasters Tile in Canaan, CT thanks to Pam and her readers on  This site has been a huge help in our kitchen and bathroom projects. You can see the new tile below (I should have left the rug out for the picture…sorry about that…). 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT.  It was hours of searching but well worth the hunt and they were so helpful.    They sent samples to me for free beforehand and I did the happy dance in my driveway when I got them. If you only knew how hard it was to find “the old stuff” when everyone out there wants to sell you the same stuff every other homeowner is using today… 


This beautiful custom vanity (oh yeah, that turned out to be a major project as well as hardly anyone makes an small single vanity for 1959 bathrooms anymore…) was built out of Ribbon Striped Mahogony wood that was done by Ed Hardy Custom cabinets.  Ed’s the same guy that did our turquoise boomerang countertops last year.  Thanks Ed…


Oh, and don’t let me forget to show you my personal stain man.  Correction:  tung oil man.  He did four hand rubbed and applied coats to our vanity that Ed built as he wanted to do it himself.  He’s amazing…and patient, and loves vintage stuff as much as I do.  I’m blessed.  Oh, and he’s hilarious too…


This is the bathroom after.  With my hand painted vintage shower curtain that I got off Etsy. 

 DSC_2813  DSC_2807

Ta Da!  That’s it, sorry it took so long but I just got out of therapy as a result of this project so I know you understand, right? 

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